Sunday, April 25, 2010

Child Custody Battles - Alternatives

to Attorneys

Child custody battles are rather difficult both emotionally as well as financially. It really is critical to bear in mind that no matter whether you win or lose, it will affect not just you, but your children for the rest of their lives. Essentially, can you afford not to have an attorney? Listen to what this attorney has said:

"Family law is controlled by individual states, and while certain major trends are pretty universal, particular details of practice and law will vary from state to state, and it is important to remind readers that we cannot offer legal advice for their particular circumstances and they need to consult local practitioners for specific legal advice. (In fact, one common error I find for parties is to not "lawyer up" soon enough.

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Usually this is because of the fear of lawyers' fees, and meanwhile thousands of dollars in a potential support award are being lost.)" To start with, a child custody case is seldom straightforward and you need worthwhile child custody information. The paperwork is complicated and may be challenging. If not filed correctly or filled out fully, you could possibly neglect options that may work in your favor.

If your ex-spouse has an attorney, you can expect matters to be presented that you may not have thought about, including: work schedules, who has been mainly involved with the children, what your relaxation pursuits are, who your friends are, where you're employed, past behaviors, child care measures, where you reside and who you live with, your everyday habits - and so forth.

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Having representation by an attorney informed about child custody battles ensures you will not be frightened and you will know what questions it's worthwhile to raise yourself. If, however, you in fact cannot pay for the cost of an attorney, there are some options that may ensure you have legal representation in court:

- Some states have Legal Aid Services that are federally or state funded. These present free representation to individuals under a specific income level. You will have to present proof of income to check if you meet the criteria.

- If you do not qualify for free legal aid, contact your local Bar Association to see if they offer inexpensive legal programs. Some provide legal support that may be provided on a sliding pay scale according to the amount you earn, which makes it considerably cheaper than normal attorneys' fees.

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- Increasingly, states are in fact offering Child Custody Self-Help clinics on a regular basis. Attorneys are available at these to help you to complete documents, reply to questions as well as provide guidance.

- Call your Courthouse to see if they have got Facilitators - these are assistants, often paralegals, who can walk you through the procedures of processing and collecting necessary material, making sure that you do not neglect any important steps in the course of filing.

While it is sometimes financially tricky to employ the services of an attorney, it appears advisable to do so, so they can achieve the most effective outcome for your children and to protect you against bullying from the other party.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Self Help Information

The Clerk of Circuit Court for Hernando County has created four separate "packets" of forms and instructions, each pertaining to a different specific type of dissolution action. These are:

A simplified dissolution of marriage where there are no minor or dependent children, either no property or an agreed distribution, and neither party is seeking support (alimony). Both parties must sign the petition and both parties must attend the final hearing for this type of dissolution.
A dissolution of marriage where there are minor or dependent children.

A dissolution of marriage where there is property, but no minor or dependent children, and there is disagreement about the property, debts or other matters that you want a judge to settle, or one of the parties is seeking support (alimony) or you want to obtain information about your spouse's income, assets and debts before having a final hearing.

A dissolution of marriage where there is no property and no minor or dependent children and neither party is seeking support (alimony).

Each of these packets contain all the forms necessary to complete that specific type of dissolution action, along with instructions on how to prepare them. You may obtain these packets by accessing the forms section of this website or from the Clerk of Circuit Court.

If you purchase a packet from the Clerk's office there will be a fee assessed for copying. To initiate the action you must pay the appropriate filing fee. The Clerk of Circuit Court will answer questions for you to the best of their ability, but they are not attorney's and cannot give you legal advice.

Some assistance may be obtained from the following sources:

Community Legal Services of Mid Florida, Inc.: Legal representation may be provided through this agency for low-income persons. For more information contact: (352) 796-7238 or 1-866-801-5566.

Family Law Clinic (sponsored by Community Legal Services of Mid Florida, Inc.): A non-lawyer clerical employee reviews the Forms contained in the packets and individually explains how to complete them. At the end of the session an attorney will be available to answer any legal questions that arise. For more information, contact the Community Legal Services of Mid Florida.

Family Law Self-Help Coordinator: Before a final hearing may be scheduled, an appointment must be made with the family law self-help coordinator to review the file and ensure that it is complete and all necessary documents are present.

If all of the forms are present and correctly completed, a self-help coordinator will schedule a final hearing and advise you of the date and time you are to be in court.
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